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The Gardena Arch Rattan Bookshelf

  • $ 1,036.00
  • $ 1,295.00

Keep your vase or pottery and family pictures organized and clutter-free with this stylish bookcase design. This Gardena bookcase will brings a touch of tropical Balinese feeling to your home. The arch rattan frame features 4 long shelves of textural rattan.

Handcrafted rattan.
Overall Height 71"
Width 22.85".
Depth 19.70".
Distance between shelf 15.75", distance between arch shelf 17.70".
Handmade in Indonesia.

Due to the nature of rattan and the beauty of craftsmanship, this sustainable furniture might have a slight imperfection, therefore, no two handmade pieces are exactly alike, making each piece unique and one of a kind.