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Laguna Rattan Deluxe Peacock Chair

  • $ 1,995.00

Deluxe size peacock chair that meant to make a statement. Handwoven over a lightweight rattan frame, the Laguna peacock chair instantly puts you in a more relaxed state of mind. This stylish peacock chair looks equally charming on a patio at home or as it does in any of your rooms.

-Hand crafted by skilled artisans 
-Sustainable high grade organic rattan
-Deluxe size, great for indoor or covered patio use
-Dimension: 65"H x 53.25"D 
-Seat diameter: 20.5"
-Arm rest height: approx. 27.5"

Due to the nature of rattan and the beauty of craftsmanship, no two handmade pieces are exactly alike, making each piece unique.